Yoobikwiti Edu

Yoobikwiti Edu is a next generation integrated software environment that is based on
multi-platform application including Web App and Mobile App leading its way in Educational sector.

Yoobikwiti Edu

Education is the most prominent part of every individual life and there exists the need of an organisation. Though education is on first priority, now-a-days organization also offers several needs that is very much required for a student in their school or a college life. So, in an organization, along with educating students on their relevant subjects, there are many more things that that are equally given importance. Educational management systems offers various facilities, which includes events, class scheduling, offerring school transport that eases travelling problem, etc. Also, it becomes quite difficult for a school or a college to keep the track record of all the things.

Though paper works are preferred for managing information of an organization. But, how long do you think these paper work help? With the time passes, there will not be any track record of the old student or staff. Thus, it is all about being organized and plan ahead. So, what's next to be done? Scratching your head to find out a solution for this? Well, don't have to be!! All the organization stuff can now be organized in one single place is a third party application. When you surf around the internet, you may find many but going with the useful and more reliable one is the perfect choice.

Yoobikwiti Edu is the next generation integrated educational program environment that is developed based on multiplatforms i.e. both as Web and Mobile application leading its way in Educational sector. The application helps Educational Institutions by simplifying their various tasks. Yoobikwiti Edu simply acts a school or a college administration software that empowers Educational Institutions to accelerate their tasks with ease and efficiency. Today, Yoobikwiti Edu is the choice of numerous school or a college management systems. With the aid of Yoobikwiti eduction tool information of several educational institutions and students is well organized in an effective manner.

Yoobikwiti Edu offers a perfect student management system. Educational software Yoobikwiti addresses the needs of complete Educational Institutes covering perspectives of Management, Teachers, Students and Parents. The product is designed in such a way which is easy and fun to use.

Key Properties of Yoobikwiti Edu Software

  • Simple yet easy to use GUI for both mobile and web.
  • Facilitates the management tasks for maintaining huge database of students & staff.
  • Teachers can maintain day to day activities.
  • Students are able to get connected with educational institute by looking into the class schedule and many more required features easily.
  • Parents can monitor performance of their childs without being visting to school or college.
  • Yoobikwiti Edu provides User Login as well as Alumni Login, which means any alumni can use the app on their mobile phones to get interacted with the educational institute.

What are you waiting for? Email now (info@yoobikwiti.com) and get more information on Yoobkwiti Edu Application for your managing school or a college administration in efficient way.